50: It’s Like You’re There

In its milestone 50th episode, Kelvin and Geoff reflect on the highs and lows of starting and recording a podcast from scratch, and what they have learnt in the process. Find out about all the DIY tips and tricks that Kelvin has implemented over the past 14 months!

In news, Geoff breaks down the curious case of the FBI vs Apple, while Kelvin leads the conversation on the latest and greatest coming out of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – LG may have introduced the most innovative feature for a mobile handset in quite some time. This and much more on episode 50 of The Lazy Couch.

Episode 50. Recorded Thursday 24 February 2016.


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01:10 – Intro:

04:51 – 50 episodes down, what we’ve learnt:

Top downloaded episodes:

18:20 – Apple vs the FBI:

25:00 – Mobile World Congress 2016:

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