76: Oculus VR Connect 3 Event

This episode is all about VR and in particular the Oculus VR Connect 3 event which was held a few days ago. Being owned by Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg made an appearance on opening day and quietly outlined his plans to take computing to the next level and how they are helping to lay the foundations of […]

63: E3 and WWDC Special

Episode 63 WWDC E3

Epsiode 63 is a legendary one where we cover two massive conventions: gaming convention E3 and WWDC, Apple’s developer conference, how timely with Voltron: The Legendary Defender now on Netflix. We go through the news story of the week with Microsoft making their biggest deal ever and buying the biggest organisational chart in the world, LinkedIn. […]

50: It’s Like You’re There

In its milestone 50th episode, Kelvin and Geoff reflect on the highs and lows of starting and recording a podcast from scratch, and what they have learnt in the process. Find out about all the DIY tips and tricks that Kelvin has implemented over the past 14 months! In news, Geoff breaks down the curious case […]

45: CES 2016

  It’s the first episode for the year, and it’s all about CES 2016 (formerly known as the Consumer Electronic Show), that was held over 4 days in Las Vegas during the week. We take a close look at some of the more interesting and innovative products that were showcased and also some that were […]

33: Life of Zuck

Kelvin returns from the U.S. to bring us news of the geek occupancy of San Francisco over the past couple of weeks. We also examine the new line of Nexus devices by Google, the new Tesla Model X car, and all the Oculus announcements you would ever hope to hear about. You thought you had […]

20: T-Rex with Arms

Rejoice! Taylor Swift single-handedly saves music! What should we get her to do next.. international diplomacy? We also check in on what the new Twitter experience will be like and explain how a certain Tyrannosaurus Rex got its arms. On the news front, we look at Tidal losing their CEO, The Rock fighting a gorilla, Twitter’s […]

19: You Look Rid-Oculus

It’s another monster week in the world of tech, with Twitter going through some growing pains and YouTube getting serious about gaming. Speak of which, the E3 Conference landed this week and brought with it a shedload of new games and various people looking ridiculous in their virtual reality headsets.