136: CES 2020 – TVs, Foldables, Future of Transport

The “nerd nirvana” that is CES is on again from Las Vegas and this is the first of a 2-part episode series to cover all the news and announcements from the world’s biggest tech expo. We will go through the latest in 8K TVs, new form factors of a range of digital products that bend […]

120: Hololens 2 & Mobile World Congress

4 years after they wowed us with their first iteration of the Hololens, Microsoft have finally revealed version 2.0 of the mixed reality headset. There are a lot of improvements in both hardware and software and you never know, you may soon be sporting one on your head at your workplace to get things done. […]

116: CES 2019 Special

Another CES has come and gone and yes, 2019 has officially begun. We cover everything from exoskeleton bionic suits, AR glasses that actually look decent on your head, toilets for dogs and a home brew machine that can make beer with a touch of a button. We also catch up with our favourite sentient robot, […]

108: RIP Bezels, Goose Simulator, Grandkids on-demand

It has been dubbed our most random episode yet. We first head to Berlin for IFA 2018 and peek into the not-too-distant future where bezels have left the human race and it’s all screen, all of the time. Then it’s off to Seattle where a gaggle of geese have run amok and taken over an […]

97: CES 2018 Part 2: Samsung, LG and more

And our CES saga continues! Imagine a 146″ TV or a TV that rolls up or a wireless mouse with no battery?! These are all real and we”re covering them all in part 2 of our CES coverage where we look at LG, Samsung, Sony and others to see how they’re going to change your […]

89: State of VR at Game Developers Conference

Are you like us and fascinated by the promise of virtual reality? It feels like VR has finally come of age as it was the main focus at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) held in San Francisco. There are more players coming onto the market to join Oculus and HTC, with the likes of […]

87: Best Phones from MWC 2017

It’s the year 2000 all over again, as Nokia steals the show at MWC by releasing a new version of their infamous phone – the 3310. All the other Android phone makerers were there – including LG, Huawei, Blackberry and Sony. In other news, we’ve officially merged with a parallel universe as Suicide Squad takes […]

84: CES 2017 Special

Episode 84: “CES 2017” You know you’ve arrived in 2017 when you hear things like.. “LeEco are launching an Android-based bicycle”. This week on your favourite geek culture podcast, we break down all the big and not so big announcements coming out of CES in Las Vegas. The main themes we picked up on were Amazon’s Alexa being […]

60: Future of Everything

Big news – the young Han Solo has been cast! Find out who it is and his acting credentials in our ‘future of’ episode. We ask the big questions like how will content be distributed and consumed and who will control the message? How will you be watching live sports like the English Premier League? […]

52: Theatrical Physicist

Kelvin and Geoff go all out in this week’s monster news-filled episode. Subjects include old favourites – Apple, Google and Facebook – as well as the latest from Supercell, Meerkat and a new people-rating app, called Peeple. In movies, we talk about the possibility of the much mooted ‘Men In Black’ and ’21 Jump Street’ […]