60: Future of Everything

Big news – the young Han Solo has been cast! Find out who it is and his acting credentials in our ‘future of’ episode. We ask the big questions like how will content be distributed and consumed and who will control the message? How will you be watching live sports like the English Premier League? And is there a future for podcasts?

We also preview what’s to come in PC graphics and some of the cool new tech that LG and Microsoft are developing, that may be coming to your smartphone in the next couple of years. This and much more on episode 60 of The Lazy Couch. We are not Babylonians.

Episode 60. Recorded Monday 9 May 2016.


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00:00 – Intro

02:55 – Future of Content:

27:17 – Future of Graphics:

30:20 – Future of Smartphones:

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