52: Theatrical Physicist

Kelvin and Geoff go all out in this week’s monster news-filled episode. Subjects include old favourites – Apple, Google and Facebook – as well as the latest from Supercell, Meerkat and a new people-rating app, called Peeple.

In movies, we talk about the possibility of the much mooted ‘Men In Black’ and ’21 Jump Street’ crossover and the highly anticipated return of The Predator. Yes, Arnie is baack.

Episode 52 of The Lazy Couch starts now.

Episode 52. Recorded Wednesday 9 March 2016.


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00:01 – Intro:

  • Kelvin goes to TED!
  • Geoff sees Ibeyi @ Oxford Art Factory

05:38 – Apple:

09:40 – Gaming:

17:38 – VR:

21:38 – Google:

27:08 – Entertainment News:

36:47 – Social Networks:

47:31 – Phones!:

54:28 – Outro:

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