49: Merc with a Mouth

Deadpool is back (this time with a mouth) and breaking all the box office records (not just the fourth wall!). And to celebrate the potential return of Cheez TV, we take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about our favourite childhood cartoon series. What were they? What are some of yours?

In tech news, we take a look at the troubles at Telstra, SoundCloud and wonder what the heck is up with Kanye. Japanese PC-makers are desperate to catch up with their Taiwanese counterparts and we hilariously try to pronounce ‘Qiyi’. This and so much more on episode 49 of The Lazy Couch..

Episode 49. Recorded Wednesday 16 February 2016.


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1:00 – Show-notes:

8:36 – Our favourite childhood cartoons:

To celebrate the return of Cheez TV, we take a walk down memory lane as we chat about our favourite childhood cartoons.

21:17 – News of the week:

36:39 – Deadpool review:

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