154: Epic Battles – Fortnite vs Apple, Google vs Big Media, Reels vs TikTok

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Geoff loads iOS 14 beta on his iPhone, Fortnite and Epic Games goes to battle against Apple, Google writes a letter to Australia, Instagram copies TikTok with Reels, and Kelvin reviews the 2019 MacBook Pro. As always we cover all angles using audio clips from different sources so you get everything you need to know, […]

129: Note 10, Mintt, Facebook snooping, de-platformed forums

We love it when DJ Koh goes big and the latest Galax Note 10+ is certainly that! And what about the Aussie upstarts Mintt covering the other end of the smartphone market? We think they will do very well. Will the promise of hyper efficient levitation travel become reality? Hardt Hyperloop believes so, and Facebook […]

110: Oculus Connect 5 and VR in 2018

After 5 years of steering Oculus and their virtual reality arm for high-tech devices, Facebook are making all the right moves and pushing the industry forward with the launch of Oculus Quest – a new standalone VR headset with hand presence and 6 degrees of freedom. Oculus Connect 5 is its annual developers conference and […]

102: Microsoft buys GitHub, IGTV, Google podcasts

It’s the catch all episode! With no major tech conventions, we looked at stories that happened over the last few weeks, covering Microsoft, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Tesla, IBM and more. It really is everything you need to know in tech. Get in touch with us on @thelazycouch on twitter, or search for ‘the lazy couch’ […]

70: Suicide Squad Special

  Our big Suicide Squad review – first spoiler-free and then full of spoilers. Apple buys another AI startup, Australian Census warning, and China’s investment in Silicon Valley.

48: The Future of Interfaces

Stephen Hawking

The Fine Bros found out the internet do not think they are so fine, Alphabet is now the most valuable company in the world and Yahoo is set to cut 15% of its workforce – just another regular news-filled week here in TLC land. Our feature this week is all about the future of interfaces […]

38: JJ for Jar Jar

In this week’s episode, we say hello to Optus, Candy Crush and Google and GM getting into bed together. However, we say goodbye to Grantland and Sunrise, that amazing calendar app. We also feature JJ Abrams answering questions from the godfather himself George Lucas and much much more.

15: Act Like a Robot

We’ve had a vision – The Lazy Couch is now your one and only weekly dose of tech news, movies and internet culture. This week we chat about what the hell is happening with Foursquare, Apple making more money, Jared Leto’s new look as The Joker and we review ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’.. twice. You didn’t […]