145: Facebook Buys Giphy, Apple Leaks, WFH Permanently

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Apple’s AR glasses rumours, a permanent state of working from home, Facebook takes over another popular creation tool, Ubisoft goes to war with Google and Apple. And why we think Dave Filoni should take over Star Wars. As always we cover all angles using audio clips from different sources so you get everything you need […]

115: Bandersnatch review & is Apple doomed?

Apple and Tim Cook are making the headlines for all the wrong reasons this week but are the concerns warranted? What are the factors that has the market worried and what are some strategies they could employ to stop the rut? We also chat all things Bandersnatch and Netflix’s attempt at interactive entertainment. How _do_ […]

83: Fearless Predictions for 2017

Episode 83: “2017 Predictions” To start the year, we look into the crystal ball to make our bold predictions for 2017. Are we crazy? Do you agree with any of them? Listen in and let us know your thoughts!¬†#thelazycouch

69: Spacebook

Facebook successfully¬†launched their space drone that Zuckerberg hopes to eventually deliver free internet to every human being on Earth. These are some of the lofty ambitions Mark has to one day control every aspect of your life and the scary thing is – they’re not that far off now. While we wait for that however, […]