135: Our Bold 2020 Predictions

Happy new year listener! And as per tradition, we will give our top 3 predictions for the calendar year. As always, our predictions are measurable and quantifiable with a view to properly mark ourselves at the end of the year. This time round, our soothsayer-ing abilities include topics like gaming, Apple Inc’s moves and a whole lot of space. Find out more on episode 135 of the Naked Tech Podcast.

Episode 135. Recorded Monday 6 January 2020.


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Kelvin predicts…

  1. Valve will launch Half Life in the second half of 2020
  2. Next iPhone will not have USB-C port | Bonus – Apple will build a hardware device for gaming
  3. Project Artemis to launch with a view to putting a man on the moon in 2024

Geoff predicts…

  1. Death of Ring doorbell (or Amazon will at least drop the branding)
  2. To track the trend of ‘dark mode’ for everything, will introduce native dark mode for its famed homepage
  3. Apple will buy HBO | Bonus – Apple will announce that they are building a network in space
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