148: Tech Behind BLM, Brave Browser, Battle of the Billionaires

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As the world rages on, Facebook employees hold a virtual walkout, Google Docs become the social tool of choice, while our favourite browser, Brave, takes its first misstep. We also take a look at the history of the beef between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, as they battle it out to save the human race. […]

147: SpaceX Launches America, Microsoft Kills The File

Episode 147 artwork

Microsoft announces a new modular framework called Fluid that seeks to kill the concept of a ‘file’, SpaceX ubers Nasa crew members to the ISS, and could a new Twitter business model save the world? As always we cover all angles using audio clips from different sources so you get everything you need to know, […]

135: Our Bold 2020 Predictions

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Happy new year listener! And as per tradition, we will give our top 3 predictions for the calendar year. As always, our predictions are measurable and quantifiable with a view to properly mark ourselves at the end of the year. This time round, our soothsayer-ing abilities include topics like gaming, Apple Inc’s moves and a […]