34: The Grand Slam of Keynotes

Is Microsoft cool again? This is the unexpected question we ask after the Redmond tech giant threw down the gauntlet with the announcement of the new Surface Pro 4, as well as a brand new laptop-turned-slate-turned-laptop – the Surface Book! There are some changes at Twitter with Jack Dorsey taking charge and the roll out of its […]

29: World’s 1st Cyber Sitcom

Say ‘Hey’ Jarryd Hayne. Go you good thing! The Hayne Plane has well and truly taken off and we’re loving the ride here at TLC HQ. Keep it up maaaaate. This week we also celebrate the 20th birthday of Windows 95 and the ‘Start’ button. We asked Matt Perry and Jen Aniston to come in and record a […]

26: Facebook Learns To Fly

We cover a range of subjects this week, including Nokia selling their awesome mapping service ‘Here’ to German carmakers, a gold plated ‘Cecil the lion’ inspired HTC phone and why bacon tastes oh so good. Facebook is literally taking off and Dave Grohl responds to the cries of a 1000 Italian musicians to come play […]

25: Google Minus

This week, we return to normal programming after geeking out on Comic-Con news and all things Joss Whedon for a couple of weeks. We chat new Windows 10, new Moto X and OnePlus 2 phones as well as the rumoured new Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Netflix is going all in on Marvel superheroes and poor old Google+ just can’t take […]

21: Hardcore Whatever

21 episodes down. Can we legally start drinking now? This week, we try out the new Apple Music streaming service and tell you what it’s like to use for the first time. Microsoft has a fancy new wallpaper and Google keeps on trying crazy new projects. Meanwhile Facebook attempts to copy Snapchat (again) and Geoff […]

20: T-Rex with Arms

Rejoice! Taylor Swift single-handedly saves music! What should we get her to do next.. international diplomacy? We also check in on what the new Twitter experience will be like and explain how a certain Tyrannosaurus Rex got its arms. On the news front, we look at Tidal losing their CEO, The Rock fighting a gorilla, Twitter’s […]

19: You Look Rid-Oculus

It’s another monster week in the world of tech, with Twitter going through some growing pains and YouTube getting serious about gaming. Speak of which, the E3 Conference landed this week and brought with it a shedload of new games and various people looking ridiculous in their virtual reality headsets.

18: Apple Music. Oh, Ok.

In this week’s episode, we cover Apple’s big WWDC event and unpack all the new, and not so new, features that were announced as part of the keynote. Scully reminds us that The X-Files revival is REAL and DAPRA reminds us that robots will one day rule over us, mere humans. All that and more […]