104: Amazon Prime Day, Netflix Earnings, New MacBook Pros

Did you buy diapers too? This week in episode 104, we look at how Australia’s first Amazon Prime Day went and how it was different from Amazon is the USA. In breaking news, we discuss Netflix’s earnings reports, how the big players are merging and acquiring to compete with them and what Netflix have to […]

101: E3 Highlights, Amazon Prime in Australia

Another year, another E3 is done. We cover all the console announcements from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo as well as all the publisher news from EA’s Battefield V to Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil 2. We also had a quick look at this month’s top tech stories and talk about Amazon Prime coming to Australia […]

26: Facebook Learns To Fly

We cover a range of subjects this week, including Nokia selling their awesome mapping service ‘Here’ to German carmakers, a gold plated ‘Cecil the lion’ inspired HTC phone and why bacon tastes oh so good. Facebook is literally taking off and Dave Grohl responds to the cries of a 1000 Italian musicians to come play […]