98: Facebook F8, Microsoft Build, Google I/O

And we’re back! It’s been a massive week of developer conferences and keynotes by 3 of the leading technology companies, and we break them all down in quite some detail. Listen in for an in depth discussion on all the announcements including a Facebook dating app, a Cortana/Alexa partnership and a personal assistant robot that can make calls and confirm bookings for you.

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Episode 98. Recorded Sunday 13 May 2018.


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00:00 – Facebook F8

  • Dating feature and other F8 highlights | Digg
  • F8 keynote in under 10 minutes | Engadget
  • Facebook plans to create its own cryptocurrency | cheddar

22:05 – Microsoft Build

  • Biggest highlights and all the news | TechRadar
  • Microsoft Build 2018 keynote in under 5 minutes | The Verge
  • Joe Belfiore on the future of Windows | The Verge

35:10 – Google I/O

  • 15 mind-blowing announcements Google made at I/O | Tech Insider
  • AI system for accomplishing real-world tasks over the phone | Google AI blog
  • Google Duplex: We need to talk about the ethics | CNET
  • Google Assistant can call your parents | Funny or Die

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The outro music is ‘Sorry’ by Comfort Fit

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