82: 2016 Rewind

Episode 82: “2016 Rewind – Year in Review”

Another year down for The Lazy Couch podcast. Thanks for sticking with us throughout 2016 and this is typical of 2 dudes just chewing the fat on the year just past. From Elon Musk to Pokemon Go to Star Wars theories, we certainly covered a lot of ground and this episode just about sums it all up for the year. We look forward to another big one in 2017. Tell us what you would like us to cover (and NOT to cover) for the year ahead! #thelazycouch

Episode 82. Recorded Wednesday 28 December 2016.


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00:00 – Intro

04:00 – 2016 Themes and Memes

  1. Virtual Reality is now real – HTC Vive, Playstation VR, Oculus Rift are now available to purchase in 2016.
  2. Self-driving closer to being real – Uber, Tesla and the like are trialling autonomous cars in a city near you.
  3. Elon Musk everywhere – From Tesla to SpaceX to Open AI, Musk is now a global brand that everyone recognises.
  4. Year of Nostalgia – The X-Files, Stranger Things, Ghostbusters. 80s and 90s good times were certainly everywhere we looked this year.
  5. The return of Nintendo! – Pokemon Go, NES Classic, Miitomo, Super Mario Run now on your iPhone.

12:07 – Top Stories of 2016

  • Feb – Apple vs FBI
  • Mar – Google’s AlphaGO beating world GO champion
  • May – Optus buys English Premier League broadcast rights
  • Jun – Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26bn USD
  • Jul – Fatal Tesla accident
  • Jul – Pokemon Go
  • Aug – Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  • Sep – Apple removes everything
  • Oct – Google Pixel
  • Nov – Microsoft innovates with Surface Studio and Dial

29:26 – These are a few of our Favourite Things

  • Movies – Arrival, Deadpool, Civil War, Doctor Strange, Batman: The Killing Joke
  • TV Shows – Stranger Things, Luke Cage, NBA The Starters, Rick & Morty, Clone Wars, Cosmos
  • Games – Overwatch, Clash Royale, Pokemon Go, Civilization V & VI, FIFA 17
  • Apps – Quartz, Optus EPL, Adobe Spark Post, Netflix, FB Messenger, Apple Maps

46:45 – Biggest Disappointments

  • Smart watches not living up to expectations
  • Note 7 explosions
  • Slimmer consoles
  • Where is Magic Leap?
  • Apple bores with iPhone 7 (not the 7 Plus)

The Lazy Couch is a geek culture podcast hosted by Kelvin Lee and Geoff Kim, based out of Sydney Australia. Topics range from the latest trends in technology to comic book movies and all things geeky. If you enjoyed listening to us, you can help the show by leaving us a review on iTunes or get in touch with us on @thelazycouch.

The intro music is ‘Helix Nebula’ by Anamanaguchi.

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