Episode 79: “Not Sure If Fake News”

As the election fallout continues, the hot topic seems to be the proliferation of fake news and how to stop it. Can you trust anyone anymore in an age where a single tweet from someone with 40 followers can make the homepage of Reddit within minutes of posting? Who is to blame for the poor souls who were 100% convinced Pope Francis endorsed Donald J. Trump?

People getting duped on the internet is certainly nothing new but the tide of public opinion may force Facebook and Google to take measures and that could be a slippery slope towards something very very bad. We’ll cover these issues and much more on episode 79 of The Lazy Couch podcast.

Episode 79. Recorded Tuesday 22 November 2016.


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00:00 – Faking it goes viral


The intro music is ‘Helix Nebula’ by Anamanaguchi.

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