77: Surface Studio vs MacBook Pro

Episode 77: “The Virtual Escape”

Apple is cool and Microsoft is for nerds, right? This axiom has been around for the last 15-20 years but could this finally be shifting? In the last week, Microsoft showed off their new Surface Studio, a all-in-one self-contained PC designed for creative types, and the Surface Dial that you can stick onto the screen and is just about the most innovative thing to come out in 2016.

While Apple finally announced their latest line in MacBook Pro laptops after 4 years of not doing nada with them. They have removed a few things (like the ‘Escape Key’ and ‘HDMI port’) but have added a ‘Touch Bar’ on top of the keyboard that will dynamically adapt to the program or app you’re running on the screen.

Who won? Who made us cry? Where are the 2 tech giants headed in the near to mid-term future? Find out on the latest episode of The Lazy Couch Podcast.

Episode 77. Recorded Tuesday 1 November 2016.


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00:00 – Intro

  • Kelvin goes to Melbourne
  • Geoff gets the iPhone 7 Plus!

09:30 – Microsoft Surface Studio and Creators Update

34:27 – Apple MacBook Pro


The intro music is ‘Helix Nebula’ by Anamanaguchi.

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