43: Best of 2015

It’s the best of 2015 episode as we reflect on a massive year for technology, the internet, movies and pop culture. We go through the year’s best stories, surprises, apps and biggest disappointments.

Thanks for the support throughout the year and see you back in 2016!

Episode 43. Recorded Wednesday 16 December 2015.


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Highlights of the week:

Follow-up from previous shows:

News of the week:

2015 in review

We tag our show-note webpages with tags that describe the topic we covered in that week’s show. Here is a break down of the topics that we have covered in 2015:

  1. Apple – 19
  2. Google – 15
  3. Android, Netflix, Facebook – 12

Top stories:

  • Netflix arrives in Australia
  • The launch of Meerkat, Periscope and Facebook for public
  • Mini computers including Interl’s compute stick and Rasberry Pi
  • How close we are to autonomous vehicles
  • The rise of music streaming services like Apple Music, the domination of Spotify and the fall of Rdio.
  • The rise of Oculus Rift, its owner Palmer Lucky and other augmented and virtual Reality devices and accessories.
  • Back To The Future day.

Wins of the year:

Biggest surprise of the year:

Biggest disappointments of the year:

  • Watches and wearables in general
  • Tidal music streaming service | The Lazy Couch Podcast episode 8 
  • Jurassic World | The Lazy Couch Podcast episode 20
  • Fantastic 4 and Josh Trank
  • Spock passing away
  • We got stonemilked
  • Google glass is dead
  • James Wang

Favourite apps of the year:

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