Zuck takes one step closer to utter world domination and Apple’s stock plummets as it loses its one remaining tastemaker – just your typical week at TLC. Will you be paying for your groceries in Libra coin in the near future? Will Apple ever have another hit product? What has Google done now??

As always, we cover all angles using clips from different sources so you get everything you need to know, right here on The Lazy Couch podcast.

Episode 127. Recorded Monday 1 July 2019. 


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Show notes:

The outro music is ‘Sorry’ by Comfort Fit

Ep 127 artwork
Ep 127 artwork


The Lazy Couch is a geek culture podcast hosted by Kelvin Lee and Geoff Kim, based out of Sydney Australia. Topics range from the latest trends in technology to comic book movies and all things geeky. If you enjoyed listening to us, you can help the show by leaving us a review on iTunes or get in touch with us on @nakedtechpod.

The outro music is ‘Sorry’ by Comfort Fit

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