141: iPhone SE, Zoom Dramas, Contact Tracing App

If you had an inkling that technology fully permeates through modern society, you sure as hell do now, as we settle into a pandemic driven world of self-isolation. As it is, our longing to connect with one another is mostly satisfied through the internet and the scores of apps and services most of us have never heard of.

Zoom is one such service that everyone is fully aware of. It’s so easy to use, it may come at a cost. What are they doing to mitigate some of the security concerns? Should you still use Zoom and what are the alternatives?

There is a new iPhone SE! It’s the cheapest iPhone in some time. It looks the same but should you still consider buying it?

We will all soon be asked by the government to download an app that tracks how you interact with the community. We break down the underlying tech so you have all the info before installing it to your device.

As always we cover all angles using audio clips from different sources so you get everything you need to know, right here on the Naked Tech Podcast.