88: Logan Spoiler Review

Snikt! Snikt! And just like that LOGAN goes down as one of most unforgettable pieces of cinema. We break it down in quite some detail but first, we do a quick spoiler-free version of the review, followed by story arc theories, the possible direction of Fox’s X-universe and where Deadpool fits into all of this. […]

85: Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

Here is our big movies¬†episode where we talk at length about our top 10 most anticipated films for 2017. We chat ‘Last Jedi’ theories, why Guardians will be the biggest movie of the year, who will die/survive in Alien Covenant, and the very special guests that are set to appear in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. […]

51: All About China

This week’s episode is all about China. Kelvin and Geoff focus in on the big powerhouses like Alibaba, Baidu and Lenovo and also take a look at some startups to watch out for in 2016 – Edaixi and OnePlus to name a few. In regular news, Geoff speculates on what we may expect to see […]