66: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

In episode 66, we mix in some local news while we cover the latest news covering robots, AI and social media. We look at how WeChat could have helped the Labor Party win votes in Melbourne. Telstra continues its run of bad PR with cuts to jobs. We discuss the use of robots to kill in Dallas and what that means in the gray area of robot legal policies. Microsoft lets it AI go loose in Project Malmo and explains why its betting its future on AI. A search engine company builds a car, this time it’s Alibaba in China. And lastly Twitter is spreading its sporting repertoire by discussing deals with the NBA and MLS to add to the NFL deal it already has and it also shut down tweet archive service, Post Ghost.

Our feature of the week is the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go. We see kids and adults of all ages playing it and it’s barely been three days! So far, it’s taken US, AU and NZ by storm. Find out why and so much more in episode 66 of The Lazy Couch Podcast.