65: The Kelvin Timeline

Ever wondered what Twitter would be like in Virtual Reality? Or what the future is for self-driving cars? Or how about what if robot had feelings? Well you’ve come to the right place.

Episode 65 is all about AI, robots, VR and autonomous vehicles. As we ponder what a self-driving future might look like, we breakdown all the negative press surrounding Tesla’s first reported fatal crash and the ridiculous calls for its demise.

Twitter is getting into VR and AR, and on first glance, this may not make much sense but we think there may be┬ásome key use cases and if we’re right, it could upend how we consume our entertainment forever.

We also cover some stories coming out now about 2016’s Nexus phones, next year’s Apple Watch 2 and a whole lot more including cute robot pets and not-so-cute robots that want to leave the humans behind. This and so much more on the 65th episode of The Lazy Couch podcast – your weekly feed on tech news, gadgets and pop culture.