58: Leap Magic Leap

Ever wonder what the next big leap in technology might be? A lot of smart people are banking on a small secretive startup in Florida called Magic Leap, and their almost too-good-to-be-true digital light field tech, that may eventually destroy whole industries. We chat about them and their very likeable CEO Rony Abovitz to see where the future may take us.

In the short term, a bunch of companies just released their quarterly results. The recent trends continue with Twitter and Apple losing ground while the juggernaut that is Facebook keeps on juggernauting. Who is the dark horse though in the next 12 months? Makes you think…

We also reference Johnny Mnemonic (achievement unlocked) in covering a story about Microsoft investing in DNA strands to possibly store exabytes of data. Is it 2021 yet? This and so much more on episode 58 of The Lazy Couch podcast.