68: San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego is where it’s at this week with all the fanfare and geeky goodness coming out of the annual nerd fest that is Comic-Con. We flip out over the new Justice League teaser, Wonder-Woman doing the splits in her solo movie, Kurt Russell playing a living planet with a “space-dong” (sic), and the Wu-tang-ification of Marvel.¬†Find out if Kelvin really is a Cumber-bitch, and Geoff may or may not try to impersonate Pikachu!

But first, we’ll cover some tech news for the week including the sale of Yahoo, Citymapper finally being directed¬†to Sydney and Melbourne, and Elon Musk outlining his master plan without sounding too evil. This and so much more in this San Diego Comic-Con extravaganza of an episode.