134: The Rise of Skywalker Spoiler Review

Episode 134 banner

The Skywalker saga finally ends (or rises?) and the fandom galaxy is as divided as ever. Mixed emotions all over the place as we dissect the film in great detail, with easter eggs, callbacks and choices, good and bad, JJ made along the way. What now for the Star Wars universe? Can Disney ever bring […]

124: Black Hole Pic, Star Wars, Disney+

For the first time in history, human sapiens have taken a photo of an actual black hole in a galaxy far away. What kind of technology was used to achieve this? We break it all down with clips of course. Speaking of space, Star Wars episode IX’s teaser trailer was showcased as well as the […]

38: JJ for Jar Jar

In this week’s episode, we say hello to¬†Optus, Candy Crush and Google and GM getting into bed together. However, we say goodbye to Grantland and Sunrise, that amazing calendar app. We also feature JJ Abrams answering questions from the godfather himself George Lucas and much much more.