55: Batman v Superman Special

So you watched Batman v Superman but had no idea what was going on? Kelvin and Geoff are here to break down every WTF moment in glorious detail and then theorise about what may be coming up in the DC extended universe with the imminent formation of the Justice League. But to start off the episode, […]

42: Kleenex of Technology

Malcolm Turnbull announces his grand ‘innovation’ plan to bring Australia into the 21st century, Dropbox kills Mailbox and Carousel apps, and we discuss our favourite films and TV shows for the year – as we start to reflect on a massive 2015 in the world of technology and pop culture.

41: Transhumanist Wager

We tackle the big issues this week with the trends emerging in online sales during Thanksgiving/Black Friday and take a deep dive into the politics of transhumanism. What does it mean to be human? What happens when we no longer need our biological bodies? How will we be ready? On the news front, Alibaba dominates the […]

26: Facebook Learns To Fly

We cover a range of subjects this week, including Nokia selling their awesome mapping service ‘Here’ to German carmakers, a gold plated ‘Cecil the lion’ inspired HTC phone and why bacon tastes oh so good. Facebook is literally taking off and Dave Grohl responds to the cries of a 1000 Italian musicians to come play […]

23: Spring Break For Nerds

It’s the San Diego Comic-Con 2015 special, where we break down the major trailers and announcements from DC Comics, Star Wars and so much more. It’s a great time to be alive.. for nerds.