96: CES 2018 part 1 – Intel, Byton

It’s our third year covering CES from afar and there is so much content, we decided to break it up into 2 episodes! Part 1 covers some of the underlying tech driving the current wave of innovation in autonomous vehicles, immersive media and IoT hardware. We start with an in depth look at Intel’s 2 hour keynote covering everything from plug ‘n play AI, volumetric video and quantum computing. Byton is the latest Chinese competitor to Tesla and they showed off some impressive tech – but haven’t we heard this all before?

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Episode 96. Recorded Thursday 11 January 2018.


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00:00 – Intro

02:50 – What is CES?

06:42 – Intel keynote & Meltdown/Spectre

  • Algorithm and Blues AI music band footage | youtube
  • Movidius – Intel’s neural compute stick |
  • Meltdown, Spectre and state of tech | stratechery
  • Terry Myerson’s response to Spectre & Meltdown for Windows systems | MS Cloud Blogs
  • Voxels, volumetric video, neuromorphic computing and beyond| Gadgets 360
  • Intel unveils breakthrough 49 qubit quantum processor | ExtremeTech
  • Volocopter’s flying taxi drone and Intel’s partnership | The Verge
  • Behind the scenes of Intel’s and Brian Krzanich | The Verge
  • Intel’s entire 2 hour keynote | youtube

29:23 – Byton

  • [CLIP] China’s car startup wants to be your next smart device | Reuters
  • Tesla’s latest Chinese competitor has 49-inch screen with German engineering | Wired

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The outro music is ‘Sorry’ by Comfort Fit.

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