95: 2017 Rewind & 2018 Predictions

Tech had a depressing year in 2017. Perhaps that showed in the number of episodes we did this year. As we look ahead to a more hopeful 2018, we summize the year that was, warts and all, and chat about the trends and memes for 2017. We review our favourite things including movies and apps and discuss how we went in our predictions at the start of the year. Spoiler alert: we sucked! Be sure to listen out for our 2018 predictions, as we set ourselves up for even more disappointment!

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Episode 95. Recorded Thursday 28 December 2017.


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00:00 – Intro and The Last Jedi talk

03:57 – Themes and memes

  • Tech/Silicon Valley sucked in 2017
  • Rise (and fall) of Bitcoin and crypto-currency
  • Smart speakers (e.g. Google Home) go mainstream
  • Disney owns EVERYTHING | cnbc

11:49 – 2017 in tech

19:08 – Best of the app stores

  • Winners of the Google Play Awards are.. | Google Blog
  • Best of the iOS App Store in 2017 |

26:46 – Few of our favourite things

  • Event
    • GK – Great American Solar Eclipse
    • KL – Baby
  • Tech purchase
    • GK – Oculus Touch controllers
    • KL – Garmin Forerunner 235
  • Geoff’s fave films –
    • honourable mentions – GET OUT, LOGAN, THE LAST JEDI
  • Kelvin’s fave TV –
    • DARK
    • RICK & MORTY

36:59 – 2017 Predictions report card

  • Geoff – 0.25 out of 3
  • Kelvin – 1.5 out of 3

40:50 – 2018 Predictions

  • Kelvin’s top 3 –
    • Android P will be ‘Popscicle’ | Android Central
    • iPhone 9 will look exactly like iPhone X, Pixel 3 will be entirely made by Google, Apple will launch a whole new product category | 9 to 5 mac
    • SpaceX will send a (living) person to space
  • Geoff’s top 3 –
    • Apple will produce a ‘hit’ TV show (on the same level as Stranger Things, Rick & Morty)
    • Zuckerberg will announce that he’s running for POTUS 2020
    • LOGAN will be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars

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The outro music is ‘Sorry’ by Comfort Fit.

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