2015 San Diego Comic Con breakdown


At this year’s 2015 San Diego Comic Con, it was not about what you said but more about what you had to show. There were brand new trailers, follow-up trailers and generally just a lot of trailers.

All this with not a lot being said. At the Star Wars panel, Harrison Ford didn’t really say a lot at all and while the entire Suicide Squad flew in from Toronto just long enough to introduce the entire squad. And they were off.

But still, there was a lot to drool over and here are our favorite (available) trailers and videos from #SDCC. Over the coming weeks, more of these trailers will be made available and we will update this blog post. Also tune into Episode 23, our SDCC special to hear about all these and more!

Batman VS Superman – Dawn of Justice

Arguably the star of the show, it featured all new scenes for the movie and it drove the crowd crazy

Suicide Squad

While DC continues to build a super team, the Justice League of Amercia, it still needed to give fans something Marvel and that’s a team of bad guys going after bad guys. Based on how successful Guardians of the Galaxy was (Marvel’s soft attempt at this), this should blow us all away.

Star Wars VII The Force Awakens – Behind the scenes reel

Star Wars doesn’t need to do much at all and I thought this was a great way to reach out to the hardcore fans by giving them assurances that they were going back to the winning formula of great acting and actual props, not just CGI

TV shows – Ash VS Evil Dead & Flash season 2

Thanks to the likes of NetFlix, “TV” is making a come-back and these are just some of awesomeness that is to come.

Comic Con Cosplay

What’s a Comic-Con without a little dress-up? While you want be finding me in Chewbacca costume any time, I have tons of respect for the effort these people put in.

Even DC Entertainment put out a video… on DC character cosplay of course.

And lastly, Bryan Cranston showing us how to own someone

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