114: 2018 Rewind and 2019 Predictions

We say goodbye to 2018 by recalling all the memes and themes for the year and greet 2019 by boldly predicting what lies ahead.

As always, we cover all angles using clips from different sources so you get everything you need to know, right here on The Lazy Couch Podcast.

Episode 114. Recorded Tuesday 1 January 2019. 


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00:00 – Intro & year in review

  • Events galore! Google I/O, Apple’s WWDC, CES, Oculus Connect 5, E3, etc, etc
  • Elon Musk is mainstream news
  • The Lazy Couch turns 100 (episodes)
  • Rise of NVIDIA
  • FAANG watch

18:29 – 2018 positives

  • iPad Pro 2018 version
  • Magic Leap exists!
  • Android phones get interesting
  • The promise of ‘voice UI’ can be realised
  • The Lazy Couch 3.0
  • Films: ROMA, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse
  • TV: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • Game: Red Dead Redemption 2

32:00 – 2018 disappointments

  • Google Pixel Slate
  • Lack of AirPods 2 & AirPower
  • Nothing happened with IoT
  • Tech giants going to Congress for political games

40:54 – Did we get 2018 predictions correct?

  • Kelvin 1: Android P will be ‘Popsicle’
  • Kelvin 2a: ‘iPhone 9’ will look exactly the same as iPhone X
  • Kelvin 2b: Pixel 3 will be entirely made by Google
  • Kelvin 3: Elon Musk will send a ‘living thing’ to space
  • Kelvin 4: Apple will launch a whole new category
  • Geoff 1: Apple will produce a ‘hit’ TV show in 2018
  • Geoff 2: Zuckerberg will announce he is running for POTUS 2020
  • Geoff 3: Logan will be first superhero movie to be nominated for an Oscar best picture

46:47 – Our bold 2019 predictions

  • Geoff 1: Oculus Quest to be released post-June 2019
  • Kelvin 1: Apple will launch a new iPad mini
  • Geoff 2: Apple will announce AR ‘glasses’ product to be released in 2020
  • Kelvin 2: Android Q will be just ‘Q’
  • Geoff 3: Spotify or Audible will release a choose-your-own-adventure style game/book
  • Kelvin 3: Chrome will drop below 50% marketshare globally on all devices
Ep 114 artwork
Ep 114 artwork

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The outro music is ‘Sorry’ by Comfort Fit

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